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Adventures in Mistgate - Booker and Copper
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo’. This is fanfiction only.
As usual, feel free to point out any errors.
Notes are below in the info section.

   It had been two weeks since she moved in, and finally felt that she was really getting the hang of being a mayor. At the very least, she had settled into a routine when the day started. After showering and getting dressed, she would check her mail and read through it over breakfast. On her way out the door, she would place the letters needing a reply on her desk, and put a post-it note as a reminder on the door of her fridge. Then she would head for the Town Hall and go over the day’s paperwork with Isabelle, as well as go over the list of requested Public Works Projects. Though only one could be worked on at a time, she felt that it was best to frequently check the list
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Adventures in Mistgate - Let's Get Buggy!
Disclaimer: I do not own “Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo” or anything in it. This is fanfiction only.
Feel free to point out any errors.
This one is written in first person.
Other notes and comments are in the info section below.
‘Attention, residents! Today is the Bug-Off!’
   This was going to be an interesting day; my first full day off from my mayoral duties, all because of an event. Any messages or issues would be left for my secretary to handle. I thought that it was unfair, as Isabelle works even harder than I do, and deserves time off as well, but she simply shrugged it off, explaining that it was a custom in smaller towns like Mistgate.
“Besides. I can handle things for one day, mayor. I’ve done it before.” She said.
“You have?”
“Yes. When Mr. Tortimer retired, I became the, what’s the best way to put it? Temporary leader, I guess. Anyway, I had that
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Adventures in Mistgate - The Town Tree Ceremony
Disclaimer: I do not own anything in “Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo.” The game is the property of Nintendo.
You could consider this a sequel to the first story, a standalone, or filler.
  After deciding not to worry about the letter or its meaning, Ariel placed it into the letter space of her pockets and headed out of the tent once again. This time she headed for a place Isabelle had told her was called the Event Plaza. It was near both the RV Campground and Re-Tail. As she got closer, she saw that the plaza was a large clearing that had been re-purposed. It had light gray cobblestones all over except for a burnt umber colored, wooden, square-shaped planter in the center with some grass around it. It had an air of formality about it, despite its casual appearance, but before she could take it in further, she noticed that everyone was there. Literally. All of the villagers, the shopkeepers, Digby, Pete, Phyllis,
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Adventures in Mistgate - An Unusual Letter
Standard disclaimer: I do not own “Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Welcome Amiibo)”, any of the characters, sayings, or anything. The only thing I have, if you will, is the name of my mayor and the town’s name. This fan fiction is strictly for entertainment purposes only.
Additional author’s notes and comments will be below.
   It was the start of a new morning in Mistgate. Inside a yellow tent, a young woman had just woken up. After grabbing her glasses from the top of her suitcase, she sat back down on the blue sleeping bag, and thought about the previous day’s events. She had just moved from her old home in the city to a smaller town called Mistgate, the first time she’d be living on her own. When she’d arrived, she learned that not only was she the newest resident, she was also the new mayor. At first, Ariel had thought that it was some sort of joke – an April Fool’s type of thing. Perhaps her parents had some
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Adventures in Mistgate - Info/Intro
This is my latest writing project, and the information has been updated as well, so this isn't just re-submitted for nothing, so to speak.
For those who've been reading my "Curse of Armageddon" or "Hetalia and Whose Line Crossovers" - I will be continuing those as well, but in the case of "Curse of Armageddon", I will be rewriting it, and it will likely have a different title.
For this series: It's just going to be a bunch of stories (of varying length) all set in my town called Mistgate in the game “Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo”; featuring my villager/mayor, the other residents, and the NPCs. Not all characters will be in all of the stories, and not all stories will connect with each other. For example: the only villagers I mention in the “First Day on the Job” story are the first five villagers/residents that I got when I started the town, not the other three, as they moved in later.
 I will only include villagers that I currently have
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Hagar the Horrible by SymphonicNevermore Hagar the Horrible :iconsymphonicnevermore:SymphonicNevermore 0 0
Chapter 2: World Meeting (Part 1)
I'm sorry that this chapter was so late! I had to move, and as a result, I haven't had a whole lot of time to be on the computer. I also had a case of writer's block, which caused further delays.
Oh, fair warning, Denmark curses once in this chapter. No, it's nothing major like the f-word, but if anyone dislikes cursing in any way, shape or form, well, don't say I didn't warn you.
I've gone over this a few times, but if I've overlooked any spelling or grammatical errors, please let me know, and I will fix them.
 The flight to Switzerland was largely uneventful...except for the huge traffic jam that occurred about midway through their flight. Now, you'd think that with flying vehicles, you wouldn't have that problem anymore, but no, it turned out that the same problems that existed in the era of wheel powered vehicles still existed-people chattering away on personal calls and thus n
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Chapter 1: Memories
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or any of its characters, nor do I claim to. This is fanfiction only. Also, if you didn't see this on the Prologue page, if you see this story on Fanfiction(dot)net, and the author is "Altruistic Penguin" - that's me.
Beep, beep, beep
Beep, beep, beep

  Emil grumbled in his sleep, for once in no mood to get up at the sound of his alarm. Rolling over, he stretched out an arm and fumbled around, smacking his palm on the top of his nightstand for several minutes. At first he was confused when nothing happened, then he remembered. Lukas had given him a voice-controlled organizer last Christmas, which, among other things, functioned as an alarm clock. The instructions had stated that the only way to access any of the programs was to speak to it. Sitting up in his bed, Emil blearily glared at the top of the nightstand.
"Alarm, turn off."
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Curse of Armageddon - Prologue
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia, nor do I claim to. This fan fiction is strictly for fun and entertainment purposes, not commercial (obviously). The only characters I "own" in this are those that aren't canon. (Ex: Atlantis.) And yes, I know that I am the 123,456,789,876,543,210th person to have an Atlantis OC, and an end-of-the-world scenario.
None of the events depicted in this story are based on real events; therefore, any mentions of war or political struggles will have made-up names.
Two more things before we get going. One: Characters may speak out of character every now and then, but this is because they will only need certain parts of their canon personality in this story due to it being an alternate universe. Two: Even though there will be a few historical references here and there, for the most part, this will be historically inaccurate.
More chapters will come when I get the time.

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Art Trade - Russia and Tweety by SymphonicNevermore Art Trade - Russia and Tweety :iconsymphonicnevermore:SymphonicNevermore 1 3 Wile E. Coyote - Not again by SymphonicNevermore Wile E. Coyote - Not again :iconsymphonicnevermore:SymphonicNevermore 2 0 Kanga and Roo bring an Easter gift by SymphonicNevermore Kanga and Roo bring an Easter gift :iconsymphonicnevermore:SymphonicNevermore 4 0 Owl by SymphonicNevermore Owl :iconsymphonicnevermore:SymphonicNevermore 0 0 Rabbit dancing by SymphonicNevermore Rabbit dancing :iconsymphonicnevermore:SymphonicNevermore 1 0 T-I-double-guh-ER by SymphonicNevermore T-I-double-guh-ER :iconsymphonicnevermore:SymphonicNevermore 1 0 Piglet and a Pinwheel by SymphonicNevermore Piglet and a Pinwheel :iconsymphonicnevermore:SymphonicNevermore 2 0
A mix of things - drawings, writings, and photos. Will be updated as I get the time.

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Hey I'm Ariel. No, I'm not named after the Little Mermaid.
Art is largely a hobby of mine, and I have room for a lot of improvement, but I'll get there someday. Anyway, feel free to look around, and ask any questions you want, but if it's something personal, I will likely not reply. Depending on what it is. If it's something like my birthday (day and month), or favorite color - that's fine. If it's something like where I live, email addresses or social media accounts - unless I know you personally, I will not give out that info.

Give a llama, get a llama. I will thank you for it (as well as faves/watches/etc. unless your page states otherwise).
Just to give you all a bit of a heads up: I'm rearranging my deviations and putting them into their proper folders to better keep track of each of them. Unfortunately, I've put some of my newer ones (the "Adventures in Mistgate" stories) into the wrong category, and in the edit section, I cannot un-check the ones already chosen, so I will have to re-upload them. My apologies for seeing duplicate notifications about uploads.

I will also be going through my older deviations and deleting the ones I no longer want up and/or no longer need.
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